Adventure Fun Club
Illustration & Graphic Design by Druscilla Santiago




Druscilla is an illustrator and graphic designer from Hawaii. She studied at the Seattle Central Creative Academy in Washington before eventually returning home to Oahu, by way of Philadelphia and Ithaca.

Her work is colorful and humorous and ranges from bold graphics and layouts to hand drawn illustrations and comics. She loves the absurd and always tries to pack a joke and a hug into every piece.

clients include:

The Public Pet / Miemiko Atelier / The Vanguard Theory / Barista Magazine / Seattle Opera / The Manifest / Lollipop Magazine / Picky Eaters App / Flux Magazine / Izzy & Luke / Encore Saloon / Happy Fruit Company

a.k.a. The Invisible World of Druscilla Santiago

a.k.a. The Invisible World of Druscilla Santiago