Adventure Fun Club is the creative studio of Honolulu based illustrator, Druscilla Santiago. 

If my imagination paid taxes, this would be it.

Druscilla was born and raised on Oahu and has been an illustrator since she could hold a crayon. She studied graphic design & illustration at the Seattle Central Creative Academy and works as an art director at Mix in Honolulu.  

Through drawings, cards and collaborations, Adventure Fun Club taps into the wonder, humor and absurdity in everyday objects and experiences. AFC uses simple lines and draws inspiration from the comics and children’s books Druscilla grew up on and still reads. 

clients & Collaborators include:

The Public Pet/ Miemiko / The Honolulu Museum of Art/ The Vanguard Theory/ Barista Magazine/ Seattle Opera/ The Manifest/ Lollipop Magazine/ My Mom

Greeting Card Stockists:

Owens & Co. — 1152 nu'uanu ave. honolulu
The Public Pet — 3422 wai'alae ave. honolulu

Untitled_Artwork 8.png

For collaborations & inquiries, contact:

ig: @adventurefunclub